Does the Joy of Giving really give 100% raised to the children?

Yes! All of our administration is provided by the kindness of our volunteers. In addition, pens, paper, postage, fees, supplies, and even this website and its management are donated by our community partners. ALL donations received are used to buy gifts for the children on Santa’s list.

Why are there elves on the event pictures?

We would love to share a million photos with you of the “joy” on the faces of the children we serve. There is no better feeling in the world. The issue is that we value the child’s privacy and parent’s  self esteem. Some of our families have endured unspeakable tragedies and we would never want to add to their grief at such a joyous time. Other times families are so grateful and love to share their happiness with others. In those cases, we are there to capture the moment.

Do you take nominations through the website?

No, for the integrity of our organization children are picked by special community ambassadors with first hand knowledge of the children and their stories.

Make a Donation Now

With your generous donation children receive self-esteem, hope, and love as they share tales of new shoes, clothes, and toys because Santa came to their house too! This event is truly a rewarding day for all as the flurry of volunteers work with parents to provide a magical holiday complete with a turkey dinner for the entire family.

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